Responsive E- Commerce.

Design and execution of an e-commerce website with a responsive layout for PC, tablet and mobile phone. This website will be built with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL database, JSON, AJAX, and jQuery. This website has a real database. Admin can add, delete and edit furniture and information will link to the database that I built in my domain name.


Fully independent website development capabilities.

For this project, I focus on improving my ability of development, so I extend the technological requirement to develop the project t from front-end to back-end. I built my website with HTML, CSS, and JS, then I created the database on MySQL and built different tables to save the various data of my website. This is a fully functional e-commerce website.

Site Map


According to the user flow, I create the main wireframes of this application. These wireframes show all the parts of the website..

Style Guide

Keep simplicity style. Less is more.

The website continues the minimalist design style, highlighting itself with the shape of the furniture and the color itself.