Pandora Push is a smart recommendation feature that delivers fresh music for users based on prediction which are about where users are and what they are doing. The prediction is based on the data recorded users' daily activities.


Smart music push system driven by big data.


In order to improve the competitiveness of Pandora, and increase the number of Pandora paid users. After extensive research, we tried to add a new feature to it. This feature should be attractive, innovative and practical without affecting the user’s retention rate.


Based on the goal, we want to make the new feature smarter and more targeted. we need to know their favorite genres and artists when they first set up Pandora Push. After setup, we will keep tailoring the recommendations by analyzing their activity data from their phones. This data may include location, steps, exercise minutes, etc.


My target audience is the people who are big fans of Pandora but not paid members, and the people who love music.

Define the competitors

Start with looking for the inspiration from the most popular music applications.

I researched the most popular music streaming services in the United States. From that, I defined my competitors which are Apple Music, Spotify, Sound Cloud, and Amazon Music

Find the new feature

Recommendation and review features are the focusing points.

Analyze all the features of each competitors application. I find out most popular music applications have a recommendation feature such as Apple, Spotify, and Google Music. I started with this new feature.

Interviews and Analysis

Determine the recommendation feature is what we want to do.


How often do you use Pandora?
How do you like Pandora?
What do you like the best about it?
Did you find any problems or inconvenience when you used it?
If we let you add a new feature to Pandora, what would it be?


The free version of Pandora focuses on stations but not songs.
Pandora doesn’t allow users to share their personal stations.
Pandora automatically plays on startup. Users view it as an annoying feature.
Pandora doesn’t have a good recommendation feature when compared to its competitors.

Making the new feature outstanding.

What's new

The recommedation based on where users are.
The recommedation based on what users’ activities

How to do

Record user activity locations and sort by time. Through data analysis combined with the location where the user opens Pandora, predict what the user is doing and then push the recommended music.


I use the wireframe to proof the concept. This process shows how to set up Pandora Push, and start to try it.

Final Design

What's difference

Directly tell the users what the pandora push is, and give it more information at the very beginning. Let them know how and why Pandora Push is different from others similar recommendation feature.

More Smart to listen to the music.

After setting up, the next time. When a user opens the open, the app will push the music list for him based on where he is and what he is doing. The user is able to confirme or go into the app main page.