Weee! is an online supermarket where you can buy unique and curated Asian products. From super fresh fruits and seafood to delicious snacks. You can get products delivered to home or pick up from your nearby location. Weee! is headquartered in the Bay Area, California. My goal is to create a promo for this app that helps the user understand how it works.


Define the keywords which are the best symbols of this branding.

From the homepage of the website and the relevant comments of the client, I listed a list of words and made them into a word cloud. Through the analysis of relevant data, I found that "various", "Fresh", and "Delivery speed" are the most concerned aspects. Therefore, I decided to create an animation based on the above words, combined with the order process of the website.

Shetch the Footages

Convenient - Organized - Various - Delivery

I followed the process a user would to make an order for delivery to show how the transaction works. I focused on what is different and special between this branding and traditional e-commerce.